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Vexx approaching a Wraithheart.

A Wraithheart is a heart from a Shadowraith (hence the Wraith in Wraithheart). As the Wraiths suck energy from the Rift Hub, their Hearts become everlasting, continuing to beat even after the owner dies. The energy they contain is powerful enough to open the gates of the Rift Hub if the right amount of Hearts is collected. There is a total of 81 Hearts in the game, although only 60 is needed to complete it.

Vexx is able to indicate when he is getting close to a Heart because of its glow that can be seen from a far distance, and a beating sound that becomes faster and causes the controller to vibrate when he gets closer. After collecting the Heart, he will absorb the power into his talons, and after the game saves, he teleports into the Rift Hub to deposit the Heart's energy to unlock new worlds.

Hearts that are already collected appear transparent, have no glow and produce no beating sound. However, Vexx will still be transported to the Rift Hub, although the game won't save.

Other FormsEdit

Shards Edit

Vexx Shards

Vexx overlooking a cluster of shards.

Sometimes a Heart will break into little pink spheres called Shards. In each of the nine worlds, there are at least 100 of them scattered around. In some worlds, there are even 200 or more. If 100 is collected, they will gather and recreate the missing Wraithheart. If Vexx returns to the world afterwards, he will earn an extra life for every 100 shards collected.

Soul Jars Edit

A second form are Soul Jars, skull shaped containers that Shadowraiths used to keep the souls of fallen warriors trapped in. If all six Soul Jars are found in a world, the freed souls will reward Vexx with a Wraithheart of the Wraith they've slain in the living.


In Tempest Peak Manor, a Heart is trapped inside the TV and acts like a pinball in a game of Pong, where Vexx must win in order to receive it.