The original cast of Vexx, with a scrapped enemy at the left.


The Vexx Soundtrack was composed by Nelson Everheart, and consists of 60 songs for various different worlds and sections. The Vexx Soundtrack consists mainly of atmospherical tones of each world that match the ambiance mostly well, although the technological limitations of 2004 have greatly dimished the potential of each tune. Each song contains a combination of nostalgic orchestral and partially futuristic instruments, creating a unique environment present in every level of Vexx. Although only 32 songs were released at a span of time, a total of 59 have been published.  59 of these were uploaded onto youtube by GameRaterAlpha.

In November 2017, A user by the name of 3dmarth managed to get into the game's files and rip the complete soundtrack from the disk. Consisting of 65 different songs, including two seemingly unused ones, the download for the full soundtrack can be found here:

List of Soundtracks:Edit

Tunes of Timberdale

Tempest Peak Manor Music