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An unused volcano world cut from the final product.

There are numerous levels, enemies, items and songs that were either dummied out or scrapped entirely in Vexx.  This is because Acclaim was going bankrupt during the development of Vexx in 2003 and was forced to cut a good portion of the game's content in order to get it released.  The very next year in 2004 Acclaim shut its doors for good.  However, thanks to composer Nelson Everhart releasing many of these cut/test music in the form of the 'Vexxtras' soundtrack, we have a better idea of what the game's other music styles could've once been.

Mountain Demo:[]


Vexxtras Soundtrack Mountain Demo

A cut song for a cut mountain world.

Mountain Demo 2:[]


Vexxtras Soundtrack Mountain Demo 2

An alternate version of a song for a cut Mountain world

Redwood Village:[]


Vexxtras Soundtrack Redwood Village

What sounds like the main theme for a cut village inside a giant Redwood Tree.

Redwood Heights:[]


Vexxtras Soundtrack Redwood Heights

What was probably the theme for the top of a giant Redwood tree in a cut tree world.


Yet More Mountain:[]


Vexxtras Soundtrack Yet More Mountain

A Third cut song regarding a mountain level.



Vexxtras Soundtrack Demo

The music that plays in a Demo Level for Vexx.