Vexx overlooking most of Timberdale.

Timberdale is the first world in the game. As the first world, no Wraithhearts are required to unlock it, but Vexx must collect one Heart to use the Rift Hub.

The game officially begins within the Hall of Heroes located in Timberdale where Darby explains Vexx's quest to locate the Wraithhearts scattered across the area. Timberdale features a woodland theme with waterfalls, mountains, and a cluster of trees. Rocks constantly bombard the area, with shattering rocks showering the location periodically. Fortunately this is only an effect and doesn't actually harm Vexx if he is near a shattering rock. The area contains 10 Hearts, even though Darby only mentions there being four.

The most notable feature of Timberdale is the colossal tree that features a small village overrun by Grimkins. It contains various different challenges to navigate, including Sumo Kin's Arena.

Timberdale alone is home to a number of special places, including:


Submarilis is a secret area found above the Hall of Heroes. It consists of a courtyard, three surrounding towers, and a larger tower, or minaret, standing in the centre. It was initially planned as a separate level, but time constraints led to its inclusion as a sub-area in Timberdale instead. The area outside the courtyard, including whirlpools and swimming manta rays, was removed. The three surrounding towers have strange rings Vexx must swim through, causing a Wraithheart to appear in the central courtyard, while a second Wraithheart is found by scaling the central Tower. Once Vexx has entered Dragonreach, a secret Heart can be found by entering Submarilis once more.

Submarilis Gallery


It contains the following enemies:


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