Vexx Overwood Intro 1

The Valdani see Yabu's ship approaching.


A group Of Valdani, enslaved by Yabu.

Valdani in the intro

A depiction of the Valdani seen in the intro.

Valdani (Valdar if referring to an individual), are the inhabitants of Overwood . They were living a hard but peaceful life up until a Shadow Wraith called Dark Yabu enslaved them, and forced them to mine for Wraithhearts. One Valdar, named Vexx, wanting to avenge the death of his grandfather who was murdered by Yabu, manages to escape.

They are a wolf like race that lived in forest like environments such as Overwood or even Timberdale, seen with four fingers, and as compared to the Astani, Shadowwraiths, and monsters like the Mummy are dwarf sized.

It is not known whether or not Vexx is the last living Valdar after Yabu's ship exploded.