From left to right, Short, Brutish and Nasty, inside the Leviathan.

Inside the Leviathan, Vexx will meet three pirates who need help to open a chest.


Quote1 I'm Nasty. I'm hot for some cash! So hurry up with the combination. Quote2
Nasty is a tall thin pirate. He was apparently very angry when finding out the treasure chest contained a Wraithheart and no treasure.
Quote1 Thief! We hates it. We hates it forever! Quote2


Quote1 My name is Brutish. Oh, what's in the box?!?! Quote2
Brutish is the largest pirate, and happens to be the nicest and most optimistic of the pirates. He compliments Vexx when he opens the treasure chest.
Quote1 You ARE great! Quote2
Brutish praises Vexx


Quote1 They call me Short. We're after the loot in this here treasure chest. If you can't open it for us, we'll be kickin' you out of the exit-hole! Quote2
Apparently the leader of the pirates, Short requests Vexx to help him open a treasure chest, which happened to contain a Wraithheart. Seeing no use for it, he rejects the Heart and lets Vexx take it.

Short is shown to be, well, short tempered. He threatened to kick Vexx out the "exit hole" if he fails to open the treasure chest by inputting the wrong combination.

Quote1 Arrgh! There be no gold in this chest! Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick. Quote2

Trivia Edit

  • Short's design was probably inspired by Adventure from The Pagemaster.