These are the warrior guardians of Astara and the sworn enemy of the Shadowwraiths like Dark Yabu.

Talon Bearers Edit

Vexx (Present)

Trevyn (Deceased)

Warpius (Deceased) - the strongest of the past talon bearers.

Reimos (Deceased) - first user of the Rock Suit

Oriana (Deceased) - first user of the Air Suit

Jylis (Deceased) - Bearer of the Cow Suit.

Training Edit

As seen in the beginning of Vexx where he became a Talon Bearer Guardian of Astara, it's where technology meets magic and also where Vexx learns to not only use the Talons for combat, but for climbing, swimming, and collecting the Wraithhearts all around Astara.

The Resting Place Edit

The resting place can only be found within the world of Timberdale, where Vexx first encounters Darby and where his journey begins.