The Sundial is a device found in all worlds in Vexx, which is used to change the time of day. To do so, Vexx is to simply walk onto the center, and then rotate the Sundial by moving the anlog stick left or right. When finished, Vexx can leave by jumping off.  Day is shown as a number of blue squares on the Sundial's outer rings, while night is shown as purple-black, matching the colors of the sky during those times.

Sundial PortalsEdit

A Sundial Portal only opens at a certain time of day, and are found in some but not all worlds.They require Vexx to cross multiple platforming puzzles and obstacles to locate a Wraithheart. Each Sundial Portal is more difficult than the next. If Vexx falls into the abyss below, he will lose a life, and must start at the beginning.

As Vexx progresses through Astara, the portals become harder to find. And because the blue counters of the sundial get closer together, Vexx will have to be quick. Sundials are often used to make them open quicker.

Day and NightEdit

In the game, there is an automatic day and night cycle. When night comes, six bell chimes are heard from the Landspire, and the music immediately changes to something darker and slower paced. Most enemies will change color and become more powerful, requiring more hits to defeat.

If the enemies prove too difficult, Vexx can use the Sundial any time he wants, to change the time of day to what he wishes, and he'll see the Moon and the Suns chase each other in the sky, which changes from black, to purple, to orange and finally to blue.