Quote1 A walking, rocking, belly-knocking 2-ton slab of blubber. Sumo-Kin has waited 700 years for another challenger. If you can battle the bulge you win a prize.

Watch it, Sumo-Kin has some other tricks in his rolls of fat. Quote2

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World of Origin:

The Shadow Realm

Level of Difficulty:

  • Medium (Timberdale)
  • Very hard (The Below)

Sumo-Kin is a miniboss in Vexx, first available to fight in Timberdale, and later in The Below. Defeating him earns Vexx a Wraithheart. Fighting Sumo-Kin is optional; defeating him isn't required to unlock all the worlds and to reach Dark Yabu, but for completists who wish to collect all 81 hearts in the game, defeating Sumo-Kin is mandatory.

After defeating him and receiving the Wraithheart, he can still be fought unlimited times afterwards.


Right on top of the giant tree, Sumo-Kin waits for worthy opponents to challenge. Being the first available boss of the game, his difficulty is average, but he can be a challenging fight for the careless and inexperienced. First one who gets knocked out of the ring three times loses.

Here, he cracks his knuckles and summons a magnetic ray to attract Vexx to his hand, to which if he succeeds, Sumo-Kin will hit him and throw him off the ring. He also bumps his belly around to hit Vexx and propels himself across the ring.

Timberdale Cliffs

Vexx, on top of the Timberdale arena.

The BelowEdit

Located in one of the four domes, Sumo-Kin is considerably harder in The Below. Vexx only needs one deep fall to lose, while Sumo-Kin requires to be taken out of the ring several times. Otherwise, the rules are the same. The arena is a large stone circle with water flowing off of it. It's reached by a bridge which falls after Vexx travels across it. There are rocks hovering around the ring, which he can control and make them smash where Vexx is standing. If Sumo Kin falls he will grab the edge, pulling himself back up, and making part of the ring crumble, causing it to get smaller each time.


Vexx entering The Below arena.

Vexx below ring


Vexx OST - Sumo Wrestler Battle

Vexx OST - Sumo Wrestler Battle