Mod shreek01

A Shreek.

A Shreek is an enemy found through the different worlds of Vexx, starting with Timberdale. They have the ability to summon enemies by screaming, which is why they are banished and cursed creatures that are put in different "forsaken" places forever tied to a pole. The best (and only) way to handle a Shreek is to sneak around it while it's napping. Trying to kill it is not a smart move; not only does it not work, but will also wake the Shreek up, and will scream every time it gets hit, summoning more enemies each time.
Vexx shreek mob

A mob of Puggles summoned by a Shreek.


About the same size as Vexx, the Shreek is a skinny, bluish grey creature with a singular green eye. It wears nothing but a brown piece of clothing to cover its body.


When awake, it shoots a spotlight out of its eye that rotates around its area. If Vexx is caught in its yellow light, he will temporarily freeze from the Shreek's scream, and enemies, Puggles to be precise, will spawn and start attacking him.


  • The Shreek can be of use if Vexx is careful. If there are no nearby Spirit Stones or enemies, the player can instead get the Shreek to spawn enemies to kill in order to earn health.