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A Shadowcreep is a kind of monster native to the Shadowrealm owned by Dark Yabu. They appear in Dragonreach, the Sundial Dimension, Frostblight Mill, the Shadowrealm and the Citadel of Shadows


In the earlier worlds, Shadowcreeps will appear when Vexx is in range, however they will remain motionless until Vexx's back is turned on them in which they will begin attacking. If he turns around while a Shadowcreep is moving, it will suddenly stop. If the Vexx rushes to them, the Shadowcreep will disappear until they are no longer standing in their spot. When a Shadowcreep attacks, it will leap towards Vexx and tackle him.  

In the later worlds, Shadowcreeps will exhibit no fear and rush towards Vexx no matter if he's facing them or not. Shadowcreeps are easily beaten by uppercuts in mid air or ground blasts if they miss.  


  • It is shown that in the opening cutscene, the menu and the tapestries in The Neverglades Temple that Shadowcreeps can fly, despite never doing so in-game. It's possible that their flying abilities are never in gameplay due to the fact that they'd be very difficult to fight or they simply don't have animations for it.