Vexx inside the Rift Hub.

Vexx rift hub view
The Rift Hub is the area that lets Vexx  travel into other worlds in Astara. Located inside the Landspire, the Rift Hub features nine portals leading to each world: Timberdale, Dragonreach, The Netherglades, Tempest Peak Manor, The Below, DaggercragSummit of the SagesFrostblight Mill, and Citadel of Shadows. Whenever Vexx collects a Wraithheart, he automatically transports there. He can also warp to the Rift Hub through the pause menu, as long as he is stationary.


The Landspire is where the Rift Hub is located. It was originally intended to be a playable area, sitting on a central mountain with all the other worlds located around it, but in the final version of the game, other than housing the Rift Hub, it only exists as a cameo seen floating in the backgrounds of many levels.