Quote1 This scuttling little mound of warts known as the Puggle is a squeaky little testament to nature's cruel whimsy. Armless, nearly legless and covered in slimy, bumpy skin, it should not be surprising that Puggles have a bad disposition. Wait until a herd of them tries to bump you around and you'll see what we are talking about. Quote2
Official manual


Dark Yabu's Minion

World of Origin:

The Shadow Realm


Day = Hues of orange, yellow and brown

Night = Greenish blue/Hues of orange, red and grey ( Xbox only)

Level of Difficulty:


The Puggles are common enemies found everywhere except for Frostblight Mill and Citadel of Shadows . They are the simplest enemies to kill and essentially any combination of attack works against them.
Vexx puggle face

Vexx, with a nearby Puggle approaching.


There are two types of Puggle.

Type 1Edit

This Puggle is a reptilian creature with horns, orange scaly skin, and a snout. It is encountered at the day time.

Required hits to kill: 3

Found in all versions, has the same appearance at night except that it has blue skin and red eyes. It also requires more hits to kill.

Type 2Edit

This Puggle has slimy skin, and a pointed nose, and is encountered at night.

Required hits to kill: 6.

Found only on Xbox version.