A Beta Image Of The Overwood Area

- a astara

Overwood, as seen in the opening.

Vexx Overwood Intro 2

Yabu's minions invading the village

Vexx Overwood Intro 1

Another Beta Image

Overwood was a village where Vexx and his grandfather Vargas lived in, who was the guardian before Dark Yabu came.

Its empty ruins were originally intended to be a playable area, but due to time constraints, it was cut from the game.

It was located in World 1, along with Timberdale and The Neverglades.


After the Rift Hub was opened, and the Shadowraiths destroyed Astara, Overwood became one of the last parts of it. When Dark Yabu found it, he sent his army to enslave the people.

Known ResidentsEdit