Quote1 These ornery beasts have a brutal dash attack and heads like an anvil to deliver it with. Once they lower their heads and start their charge, there is nothing you can do but get out of the way. Apparently, they can be snuck up on and taken out while grazing, but we can't recommend such suicidal behavior. If you meet a Krunk you will be either airborne or lucky. Krunks tend to inhabit mountainous peaks and ledges (in other words, the last place you'd want to meet one, so consider yourself warned). Quote2
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Krunk lrg

A Krunk as it appears at night.

A Krunk is an enemy that is encountered at Tempest Peak Manor and Frostblight Mill . Krunks are quick creatures, but if the player is wise, they can use any attack to defeat them.


Type 1: The common Krunk encountered at the day time. They are painted a brownish-hue and possess diamond-shaped skulls with tails. Emits awkward high-pitched sounds. Required hits to kill: 3-4

Type 2: The alternative Krunk that is encountered at the night time. They are significantly darker, emit lower-pitched tones, and feature spiked head plates and tails. Required hits to kill: 5-7