The Inner Demon Games are minigames found in certain worlds of Vexx. As the name implies, Vexx has to compete with his Inner Demons in order to win a Wraithheart. Across four worlds, there are two types of games:

Hop and DropEdit

In Hop and Drop, Vexx and the Demons must step on pads to make them fall. The rule of the game is to make as many pads fall as possible without falling down along with them. Each pad that is touched scores one point. The player with the least amount of points gets eliminated, while the rest go to the next round. The game can be found in Dragonreach and Summit of the Sages. In the latter world it appears in, it is more challenging as there is a "curse" that makes several pads fall.

Ring CatchingEdit

In Ring Catching, Vexx and his Inner Demons have to catch rings that fall from the sky. Whoever gets the most before the timer runs out wins. Like Hop and Drop, it's located two worlds, The Neverglades and Tempest Peak Manor

The Inner DemonsEdit

The opponents, The Inner Demons, are a trio shadowy creatures that assume the form of Vexx. Vexx must compete in three rounds against them. If Vexx wins a round, the Demon with the least amount of points collapses and vanishes, reducing the amount by one each time. The game gets easier as each Demon disappears after every time Vexx isn't last, and he'll be awarded by taking all of them out.