Vexx, caught by a Hobbletrod

Hobbletrods are little monsters with the only means of attack being shooting a long beam at Vexx, causing his speed to cut down to half.

The slowed down Vexx will have a harder time defeating enemies and recovering lost health. The easiest way to escape is to shake Vexx out by rapidly moving the left anlog stick left and right, allowing him to break free in seconds and take out the Hobbletrod for good. However, it's not too hard to kill it before escaping its beam if the player fully charges the talons. This will activate Fury Mode and allow Vexx to blast the foe away. In fact, Fury Mode will make Vexx fast enough to outrun the Hobbletrod despite being slowed down.

If the player is skilled enough, they can end the Hobbletrod before escaping and without using Fury Mode.

The Rock Suit does not protect Vexx from the Hobbletrod's beam. The method of escaping is the same as before; rapidly steer the anlog stick left and right until he escapes. Alternatively, the player can use Rock Suit Vexx's speed to outrun the Hobbletrod, or make Vexx move towards the Hobbletrod and kill it by touching it.

On its own, the Hobbletrod is harmless otherwise.