Vexx overlooking Dragonreach.

Vexx water tunnel

Vexx inside the underwater maze.

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Dragonreach is the second world of Vexx, requiring two Wraithhearts to unlock, and containing 9 Hearts within. It is the first world where Vexx uses the Air Suit and enters the Inner Demons Games.

A large, arid region, it is based off the Badlands of Texas, and probably a palaeontologist discovery of the dragons of Astara , thus making it like a digsite before Yabu was released.

Enemies found in this world include:

The SkeletonEdit

True to its name, Dragonreach features a large dragon skeleton reaching for the sky. An important element of this world, climbing the dragon's body is required for collecting 4 Wraithhearts, which includes moving across its arm, flying from its mouth, and entering a hidden shrine in its chest. There are also the six Soul Jars scattered across its body, mainly on its hind legs. The dragon is based off the Drake species, a flightless dragon. This is made clear by its apparent lack of wings.

The ShrineEdit

Here, the fourth Wraithheart can be found. Inside is series of platforming events that Vexx must overcome in order to reach it. Not only does this Heart require skills, but also bravery. The location is crawling with Ghasts, which appear out of nowhere and then disappear after hurting Vexx, making almost them as difficult as Shadowcreeps to take out.

Underwater PassagesEdit

Three wells can be found, with a vast underwater maze connected to them. All three must be entered in order to achieve a Wraithheart. It can be challenging because it's easy to get lost in these large mazes, and the Shizarks there can be an annoyance. The airbubbles are easy to access, so running out of oxygen isn't a big worry.

Inner Demons GamesEdit

Under the dragon's hand, there is a small hut that can be found where Vexx can find the minigame inside. To get there though, he must traverse through a series of platforms as well as get past a Hobbletrod.


  • According to an early Vexx trailer, Daggercrag and Dragonreach were supposed to be one massive world, however time constraints and the lack of a 9th level prompted these levels to be separate. Going off of some early footage of the Desert World, one can actually see where the two areas were severed.