Vexx inside the Citadel.

The Citadel of Shadows is the ninth world in Vexx. 50 Wraithhearts are needed to unlock it. It is filled with many difficult platform segments, a bottomless pit directly below it, and a frozen wasteland waiting outside.
Vexx cube teleport

The main menace is the engine rings, which cause 2 points of damage upon contact, and will cause Vexx to fall into the abyss below if he is careless.

There is also a series of secret ruins that may be accessed from behind the portal gate, similar to the Neverglades.


Trivia Edit

  • According to one of Reia's scrolls, the Citadel is alive, and designed to feed off the land's life. Presumably, this may be why Frostblight Mill has become a tundra. This is confirmed by the game's strategy guide.
  • The portion of land outside the Citadel was likely connected to Frostblight Mill when the game's world was initially intended to be released as a single map, an idea later discarded due to processing limitations and lack of time to fix the problem.
  • The official strategy guide mentions that the Citadel of Shadows is Yabu's base of operations in Astara, with the location of the 1st Wraithheart metaphorically representing where his "throne" would supposedly be, as well as the 4th one literally being inside the Citadel's heart.