Vexx talons intro

Vexx, discovering the Talons.

The Astani War Talons are a pair of gloves that bind to the user's hands and give them "Talons". They are very powerful weapons and practically omnipotent tools. Vexx is likely the last user of the Talons, with the deceased Treyvn (Reia's father) being the previous bearer of the pair Vexx wears.


Depending on the creativity of the user, the Astani War Talons can be utilized to clamber across specifically marked walls and ceilings, be used to leap from wall to wall in the proper environment, and propel oneself throughout the area; including locations that are submerged underwater.

A useful feature the Talons offer is the Flare Kick. Not only can it be used to attack airborne enemies, but it can also be used to break falls and make platforming easier as if were a double jump. Upon good timing, it's quite clear the Flare Kick wasn't intended to be used as a double jump by the game's developers, as it can be used as a shortcut to locate Wraithhearts that would otherwise require more effort, particularly the fourth Heart in Dragonreach.

A more powerful move is a Ground Pound, which requires Vexx to be in the air. This is useful for when Vexx needs to avoid physical contact with enemies while still in need of a way to destroy them. Just like the Flare Kick, it can be used to break falls.

A more unique ability to be able to blast foes and run more quickly for a limited time when the Talons are fully charged, known as Fury Mode. Charging requires Vexx to defeat multiple enemies as well as juggle them with uppercuts and/or Flare Kicks.


  • Despite the Talons having four fingers on each hand, the Astani, seen using them in pictures, have five.